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Here is a concrete, and meaningful way to teach the calendar to preschoolers. Use this PowerPoint editable file to create an 11x8.5" 24 page class book that reviews the days of the week, and your daily schedule. Insert your photos in PowerPoint, customize your text, print, laminate, bind it up, and add to your class library.


  • On each page of this editable book template, the questions is asked, "What day is it today?" The question is answered in the text and in your photos of your classroom schedule, and the children at work and play.

  • Perfect for preschool students who are still learning the order of the days of the week.

  • Repetition in the text and photos, allows young preschoolers to read this book on their own. What a great way to support budding pre-literacy skills and a love of reading!

  • This book is a great tool for children feeling anxious about knowing what comes next.

  • Children never tire of seeing themselves in the pages of a book!

  • A PDF with instructions for creating, printing, and using your book with your class.

What Day is it Today

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