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Here is a great way to help your young students adjust to their new preschool environment. This is a Powerpoint editable template to create a sweet booklet to send to your students before school begins. In this 15 page booklet, you will introduce yourself and a few details about your classroom. Using photos and simple read aloud text, children will be able to see some of what to expect when the school year begins.


A new apporach to a "Meet the Teacher" newsletter, designed for the children.


There are pages to include names and photos of teachers, of where will they put their belongings, of what to do when they need the potty or diaper change, of what they might eat for snack, and of some of the toys and acitvities they will get to do at school.


There is even a page at the end for families to include photos of who will pick the child up at the end of the day.


This book will be a helpful tool in welcoming your littles, and it just might become a favorite keepsake, as well.

Welcome to School Editable Book Template for Preschool

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