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This book is filled with bright colors and whimsical doodles. It's perfect for a child of any age. Thew orginal version of this book was designed for a classroom, and described their weekly schedule. The version above was customized for a young child to learn all about the goings on that fill her week right now. It takes time to learn about time.  These books are filled with patterns in the text as well as in the design. Fill these pages with your family's or your child's own schedule, or with a unique story all your own. Everything can be customized for you!


Click here to read a full sample of one of the above stories.


To tell me about your story ideas, click here, or follow the link to the right in the SHARE YOUR CUSTOM STORY section. 



A Week in the Life

  • Books are printed and shipped by a third party vendor. 


    The 12x12 size is not availble in soft cover. 

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