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Is your early childhood class watching live caterpillars grow and change into butterflies?

It can be hard to find non-fiction picture books at just the right level for your early childhood students. So use this editable PowerPoint file to create a 20 page book of your own!  Insert photos of your students observing the butterfly life cycle, and even after your butterflies are released, your students can relive, reflect, and review the experience.


  • To create your book, insert your photos, customize your text, print, laminate, bind it up, and add to your class library.


  • Some of the text is written for you, and some space is available to customize the text of the text for your class. For example, what did your students observe when they saw the caterpillars for the first time? How did they care for the butterflies after they came out of their chrysalids? Prompts are included to help elicit responses from your students that can be included.


  • This book is designed to look pretty, but uses color sparingly to conserve precious colored ink.


  • The book, when printed and trimmed, will measure a little less than 8.5 x 5.5 inches. It is designed to be printed double sided with 4 book pages per sheet of paper (or cardstock), thus conserving paper and laminating pouches.


  • Additional page templates are included that allow for more or fewer photos per page.

Our Butterfly Book - Editable Book Template

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