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Using this PowerPoint file, create a class book for your young students, filled with photos of each child's family. 


We preschool teachers know that part of our job, especially early in the year, is teaching children that they can be happy and safe at school, away from their parents and caregivers.


In this book, each child has a page dedicated to his/her family photos. Simply insert the photos into the frames provided in this PowerPoint file. Double click on the text box to label each child's page. Five color choices are provided, each with the option for 1-4 photos, for a total of 20 page templates to choose from.


  • Use this book from the first day of preschool. 


  • Included in this purchase is an added page, for the option of including more information about each student's family. There are two options available; One for students to fill out on their own, and one for student's to dictate their responses to the teacher to add to the class book.


  • Students feel comforted seeing photos of their families.


  • Students love to share the names and stories of the people in their photos with their teachers and friends. In this way the children build relationships with each other.


  • With just children's names on each page, even the youngest students can begin read this book on their own, building important early literacy skills, and a love of books.


  • Use these brightly colored photo pages for other classroom uses as well, such as bulletin boards and cubby labels.


  • Print, laminate, bind, and add to your classroom library. Children will read it all year long!

Family Book Template

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