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What Time Is It? Part Two

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

As you may have heard me mention once or twenty times, Tiny Pumpkin Press is all about customizing books just for your child or your family, or any special someone. And so, I want to share with you just how this happens.

I recently shared the book that I created for my preschool class. There, I explained the group of children that it was created for, and how it helped them to learn the days of the week, and to know what to expect at school each day. And, there is always (even after about 100 readings) excitement about seeing themselves in a book.

Here, I will share a book that is similar, but exquisitely different, for a little girl names Nili.

Nili is three and a half, and lives in Israel, where she speaks a lovely mixture of Hebrew and English. Just like my students, she often asked questions about what time it is, or what day. By asking that question over and over, she is learning the vocabulary and the patterns that exist all around her, and why in a couple of years she will be throwing out dates and times and knowing how it all fits together.

Nili's most frequent question is, "Is it Friday today?" Or, as she says in her mix of languages, "Is it Yom Shishi today?" And so, that is the title of Nili's book.

In creating Nili's book, I could not help but notice that in almost every photo of her, she was wearing at least one shade of pink. And so, her book is customized to look great with her photos.

And what did Nili think about having her very own book?

She was tickled pink.

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