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Welcome to Tiny Pumpkin Press

Hello, and welcome to Tiny Pumpkin Press!

First, allow me to introduce myself. I am Aliza. A mother to teenage boys, a wife, a preschool teacher, and a somewhat crafty lady. I am variety of other things too, but we can get to know each other over time. Also you can just head over here to read even more.

What is Tiny Pumpkin Press?

The short answer:

Tiny Pumpkin Press is a company that creates custom made true storybooks, illustrated with your photos, designed and written by me.

And now the long answer:

First, here is what we are not.

Many companies out there allow people to upload photos and to create their own photo books. Beautiful options abound.

There are companies that create semi-custom stories for children. Enter a child's name, age, some personal favorite items, and they receive an illustrated story with custom details tailored to a particular child. They are cute and entertaining to children. Quite frankly, children and families love them.

Here is what I create.

At Tiny Pumpkin Press, I blend these two types of products with a unique element. I design beautiful photo books ready to be customized with your own photos. Along with the photos, customers relate a personal story to me, whether it's a funny vacation story, a heartwarming family story, the individual story of a child being born, a story of accomplishment, or simply the story of your daily schedule right now. The sky's the limit in the story category. I will write an engaging, read-aloud narrative, and I will pair the story with your photos, to create a truly unique, read-aloud storybook.


As a scrapbooker for over a decade, I am a lover and believer of recording our

personal stories and memories. For me, it helps to remember and appreciate

the little details of our lives. Especially now that my children are teens, I have

discovered what many before me have figured out. It all goes by quickly, and

they don't stay small forever. Those details of our lives have changed, and I

am glad to have preserved some of life as it used to be. Oh, and I love making

photos and words look pretty.

As an early childhood teacher for almost 2 decades - telling stories, acting out

stories, reading stories...well, it's just what I do. Stories and words take

thoughts, feelings, and facts out of our head and gives them a structure that

you can look at, manipulate, and revisit again and again. Over the years, I have watched stories, both true and fictional, excite, engage, delight, and unite young children. I have seen stories dry the tears right off their pudgy, little cheeks.

Stories can be magic.

So that is it. I want to create storybooks for children. Stories that are real and

true and meaningful and well written. Storybooks that look like scrapbooks,

filled with pretty pages and photos. Storybooks that capture memories and

entertain all at the same time.

So let's tell stories together!

P.S. while my stories are written as if for small children, these books also make

excellent gifts for older children and adults. Because a story well told is always

good, no matter how old we are.

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