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Using Glue Week Two

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I spent a long time talking about the how's and why's about introduing glue to young children. And that was just plain old glue on paper. Of course, the main purpose of glue is to attach things together. And so, immediately following a week of using plain glue, I like to have a week where we create our first collages.

This is where I use up all the scraps of paper that I created while prepping the classroom before school started.

As usual, we plan to repeat the same acitvity with some variations for the first three days of the week.

Day 1: Collage on white cardstock

Day 2: Collage on blue cardstock

Day 3: Children choose white or blue cardstock for their background.

At this point in the year, (usually around the end of the first month of school), we are introducing the idea that the children can make choices about their artwork. We are also helping them to navigate the classroom independently.

One way to introduce choice is to put white paper on 2 trays, and blue paper on 2 trays, and each child can decide where to sit.

This point of the year might also be the time that I don't put any paper on the trays. Rather, I will leave the two choices on the shelf, and I will ask the children to take a piece of paper before they sit down.

Yes, taking a piece of paper off the shelf is not rocket science. But, if you have been alive for only 30-40 months, it is work.

  • Children need to use those little fingers to take only one piece of paper.

  • Children, who might be used to people handing them things, learn that they can and should work to assemble what they need. This is kindergarten readiness. This is a skill that they can use forever; setting a goal, and working to achieve that goal. Sitting at the table with glue and paper, serves as the intrinsic reward for their efforts.

You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see how we continue to plan and to build our skills, with nary a worksheet or craft project in sight.

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