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Story Number 2 for Child Number 2

This post can also be titled, Using Tiny Pumpkin Press to Tell Your Own Stories. Because here I use the same template as Picture Day, but customized to tell a story about my younger son, Sam.

See, once I created a storybook for one child, I wanted to even things out a little bit. Sure, in the world of parenting, things do not always have to be exactly the same for each child.

Still, I don’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt.

And so, I now introduce you to Sam.

Now, the anecdotes that I wanted to tell about Sam were quite short. I wanted to write about the time when Sam was small, and he rode his trike everywhere. In fact, he rode it until it simply fell apart into pieces. A year or two later, when Sam was ready to learn to ride a two wheeler, we were all geared up for a day of falls and scrapes, frustration, and lots of trial and error. Instead, we let go of Sam's bike, and he rode away. The whole momentous experience of "learning to ride a two wheeler" took about 20 seconds.

While I love those two stories, and I tell them often, by themselves they would made a very short book. And so, I told those two stories within the context of one larger story about Sam. It's the story of a boy who has always loved to climb, and ride, and be outdoors, and explore, and get dirty.

And now, the moment we have been waiting for:

So you see, even of you have a tiny story to tell, you can still walk away with a full story book, and a story book full of photos. It's a precious keepsake, and a gift to the reader to help them know and love their own strengths. I can't know the future, but there is a part of me that also pictures Future Sam sitting and reading this story with his own children.

Stories are the gift that keep on giving.

Need help thinking about your story? Contact me. We can work it out.

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