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Some Things You Should Know

Welcome, and thanks for being here, everyone. I do appreciate it if you have taken the time to click on links and read what I have to say. The internet is a big place. It is filled with so many words. I am honored of you have chosen to read mine.


I have another Tiny Pumpkin Press book to share with you today. I often talk about creating my books for young children, but I have also enjoyed writing about some teenagers too. They say, write what you know. I have teen boys at home, and so, I have quite a few books for this audience

So here is a book that is a compilation of facts about one teenage boy named Joey. It captures both that which makes him a teenage boy in all its ungraceful glory; farts, sarcasm, and teasing his sisters.

But it also celebrates that which makes him a sweet, kind, and loving human being. Sorry, Joey, it is not captured for posterity that you love your mom, your sisters, and your hair.

Joey shamelessly loves the littlest of his three sisters, and this book provides a little album of some of their sweet moments together.


Only time will tell what this book will mean to Joey as he gets older. But for now, it provides a little snapshot of one young person as he makes his way in the world.

To create your own book for someone you know and love (or mildly care about), you can contact me or shop here.

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