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Furthermore, on The Tiny Pumpkin Press Blog

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

In my last post, I told you all about what I create here at Tiny Pumpkin Press - custom made storybooks for children that tell true stories of their lives and their families.

In the future of this here blog, I hope to continue to share designs, projects, story ideas, and the like.

But something else happened on my way to writing about my products. See, the reason I decided to sell this particular product is that I wanted to create something that I believe has some meaning.

I believe in telling stories. To children. About children. When I started to write all the

reasons I find this to be true, I discovered that I have a lot to say about children, and I want to say it all. So...

I will write about the ways stories teach, calm, unite, and engage children.

I will write about great children's literature.

Sometimes, I will simply write about children and families and the magic I see everyday.

I have been an early childhood educator for almost 20 years. I have been a parent for about the same amount of time. Teaching and parenting are NOT the same thing. I find meaning in those differences. I might write about that too.

I have a brain that likes to analyze things, and break them down to their simplest

components. Since my job is working with young children, I often seek to make sense of their behavior. Especially when that behavior seems non-sensical (or, not sensible) to the grown up mind.

I have patience and love for the mess that is becoming human. I have a love of observing children; their discoveries (who doesn’t?) ; their creativity; their thoughts; their struggles; their play; their stories.

I hope I offer a point of view that might shed some light into the going’s on of your own

children. Maybe just a shift in perspective to help you get through a rough patch. I hope

you find some forgiveness for yourself. For your ugly times. I hope to tell enough stories

about children to help you see some beauty in the mess.

Let’s just see what happens, shall we?

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