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A Free Printable Book for You

I am excited to share something new with you.

I love creating books for children where they are the star. The story is their story. The pictures are their photos. The characters are the people in their own lives.

And I want you to be able to make your own book for your children. For free.

Sign up for my mailing list below, and you will receive your very own book template that you can print at home. The story structure is there for you to fill in with personal details.

It tells the story that every child has to tell; All the ways they have changed and grown since they were little.

Trust me, I have had this conversation with many children. They love to share what they remember or have been told about when they were younger. Young children love to reflect on how big they have gotten, and they should! Babies and children put in so many hours observing, playing, trying, falling, and failing on their way to becoming people who walk, talk, imagine, create, and make friends.


How It Works

Once you sign up for my mailing list, you will receive an email with the downloadable file. The file contains two versions of your storybook. One contains a blue and red design, and the other, a blue and pink design.

Download and Print your File:

  • Download and open your PDF file.

  • For best results select double-sided printing; One sheet per page.

  • For a sturdier book, print on card stock.

Write Your Story

Part of the story is written for you. Fill in the rest of the details the old fashioned way, with a pen or pencil!

Print Your Photos

Choose photos to accompany your story and print your photos. 4x6 prints will work best, though many will be trimmed even smaller.

Trim your photos to fit their frames and attach them to your pages. Glue sticks, tape, double sided tape, even staples will do the trick. No Need for perfectionism. Children will be glad to read it no matter how it looks.

You can get a little fancy if you have some letter stickers.

Staple your book together, read, and enjoy!

Whether you work on it together with your child, or create it as a special surprise, when you are done you will have a simple and pretty book to read aloud. I hope this story makes them feel proud of their accomplishments and provides an opportunity for you and your child to revisit and savor some memories together.


I would love to see your creations! Share your stories on Instagram or Facebook, and tag me @tinypumpkinpress. Or use the hashtag #thesmalleststoriesmatter.

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