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This siddur (Hewbrew prayer book) is designed to introduce the Jewish prayers to young children. In addition to the words of the Tefilah, there is space to include personal photos or drawings related to that prayer. The goal is to help teach the meaning of the prayers and to create a personal connection to these ancient texts.

Toddlers, young preschoolers, and older children who are not yet or are new to reading,  can use the photos as cues to find the pages they need easily. This siddur is truly their own, and children can navigate the pages independently. 

The beauty of this siddur is that it can be completely customized to suit the age and needs of your child. It can include just a few words, or an entire text, and it can be printed with or without vowels.

It might be fun to create new siddurim over the years, as a record of your child's growth and learning. 

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