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Siddur Form

Modeh Ani: Please answer at least one of the questions below, and provide at least 2 photos (below). 

Ma Tovu: Below, upload 1-2 photos of your home.

Adon Olam: Upload 3-4 photos below

Shema Yisrael: Below, upload a photo of your child covering his/her eyes, or with eyes closed. 

Oseh Shalom: Provide 2-3 photos that illustrate the following prompt. For example, you can provide a photo of your child relaxing,  or doing something kind. 

Birkat Hamazon: Upload 2-3 photos of some of your child's favorite foods

Shabbat: upload 3-4 photos of preparing for Shabbat, celebrating Shabbat, or Shabbat ritual objects.  

Upload Photos Here

Thanks for submitting!

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