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It can be hard to find an authentically meaningful gift for someone we love. Trends change quickly, our children's interests shift. How do you find a gift that won't soon end up in the discarded pile? A gift that continuously expresses love, encouragement, pride, humor, and belief in a loved one's journey, no matter how big or small? 

Tiny Pumpkin Press is here to help.

Tiny Pumpkin Press writes and designs custom made true storybooks, illustrated with your photos.  Share a funny vacation story, a heartwarming family story, the individual story of a child being born, a story of accomplishment, or simply the story of your daily schedule right now. The sky's the limit in the story category. I will write an engaging, read-aloud narrative, and I will pair the story with your photos, to create a truly unique, read-aloud storybook. 


A good story can be told again and again. Let's give some of those stories a home in the pages of a book. 


How it works:
  • Set up a consultation to choose your design, and to discuss your story. Or, you can shop here and do it all online. 

  •  Once we receive your story details and photos, allow 7-10 days for your story to be created. A proof will be sent to you for approval. 

  • Once approved, allow 2-3 weeks for your story to be printed and shipped to you. 

So let's tell stories together!


P.S. while my stories are written as if for small children, these books also make excellent gifts for older children and adults. Because a story well told is always good, no matter how old we are.

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